Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Charlie brown Punctuation.

Charlie Brown shouts from the top of the pitcher’s mound.Lucy. ''Look out for the fly ball''! Lucy walks up to Charlie.''What did you say''? She asks.''I said, look out for the fly ball''!Charlie replies while Lucy walks off.''Thank you''! Exclaims Lucy as the ball hits her in the head.

Linus and Lucy are watching TV late one night.
''I thought you were going to study for a history test''.
Lucy says to Linus.
''I don’t have to…. I’m just going to put the book under my pillow''.
Replies Linus as he heads off to bed.
Linus places the book under his pillow and says to himself.
''During the night, the answers will seep upward through the pillow'' 
Linus snuggles down under the covers and whispers.
''I hope''!

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